Network and linux administration

For more than 15 years i worked for internet service provider company with mixed wi-fi/lan/fiber infrastructure, on linux  router, with mikrotik, Ubiquiti Networks and CISCO network equipment. I was responsible for network mainteance and safety, so i am quite experienced with:

  • Linux systems including routing, ATM,  BGP, vpn, load balancing, bash, c and php-cli scripts, iptables, apache, sendmail, MySQL and PostgreSQL, a bit of Perl
  • Wireless networks protocols, MikroTik, UBNT and Ericsson radio links
  • CISCO systems with CLI programming, and overall comprehension, no CCNA though.
  • Office networks and their mainteance
  • Many other things related to networks

This very site is hosted on my own server, which uses (updated) Debian system, with Apache web server, PHP, sendmail mail system, proftpd, MySQL and POSTGRESQL database. I installed here SSL certificates and have over 50 mail server commercial users. WebMail at : uses RoundCube Mail. There are also websites hosted here, like , DreamsOnWheels or  Wedding photograpfer.