Network manager

Network manager is advanced Internet Service Provider heler application, that was used to keep track of more than 2000 customers.  It consists of two modules: desktop based frontend and linux router backend.

Windows application conects to MySQL database hosted on router and forces necessary changes in network topology, to allow change internet plans, allow new users or block others from internet access. Comunication between the two is achieved with dbExpress and socket controls.  Desktop part is developed in Borland c++ Builder 6 and linux module uses bash, c program, and PHP-CLI scripts.

Software allows customer service person at office to easily manage internet users accounts. Main features include:

  • manage internet access for customers
  • automatically change, add and remove IP  and MAC adresses
  • change internet plans with automatic mainteance of starting/ending contract dates, internet access speeds and so on
  • generate customer invoices and track payments
  • manage service team work and track  customers incidents delivery
  • provide automatic maintenance of promotions and access plans for customers

Sample screenshots below:

  • Modify user data and ip addresses

  • Edit promotions

  • Check user payments

  • C backend program