Software development

 I am working more than 10 years with Embarcadero/Idera delphi / C++ builder environment,  starting from c++ Builder 6 and Delphi 7. On daily basis i use delphi’s twin brother – C++ builder but those are almost identical and i am quite proficient with Delphi, using it from time to time.
I must admit i am not full time developer, since i work at my company (Ceron Internet) As IT Manager, having to resolve various problems outside software development as well.
During this time i participated with quite a few software projects, all of them successfully finished and deployed, some of them still under my management. Those include e.g. Internet service provider ERP System, which supports all daily business tasks for large PC network ( over 2k customers tops), another one is really big shopping and orders processing tool that works with EBAY and various shipment companies, and many more. Most of my projects were database oriented, so i have quite good knowledge of various RDBMS, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird and some MSSQL and ORACLE.

I am quite conversant with various Delphi components, including DBExpress, FireDac, Indy components, FastReport suite, SOAP controls and others.
I used to work  alone or with really small development team but i am trying to follow S.O.L.I.D principles and have quite good understanding of AGILE development principles. I have also some knowledge of PHP, C, C# and Perl languages.

You can view following pages, to familiarize with some of my important projects:

Ebay trading tool

Mushroom Factory

Network manager